​​Difference Between Venom And Poison?

 ​​Difference Between Venom And Poison?

What is the difference between Venom and Poison?

Whenever we hear any of these words either venom or poison a red signal of danger comes to our mind. These are certainly one of the most dangerous things for our life. Even a little dose of them can cause deaths. Chemically speaking they are the same things but in literary and technical there is a trivial difference between them. Let’s see what’s the difference between them. One analogy if I will have to give for the trivial difference that exists between venom and poison then I would like to say that they are different in the same way as Hindi and Urdu are different as languages. They heard the same, felt the same but still due to some lethality they are considered quite different. Now coming to their difference:

They are actually the same. The only difference between poison and venom is in the way these things are delivered to their prey.

Venom: If we talk about animals such as snakes we call them venomous because they use sharp fangs like some syringe to move toxic substances into other animals’ bodies.

Poison: If we talk about other toxic animals such as toads or dart frogs in their case they will be referred to as poisonous because they have poison glands on their skin so if you touch them the toxic substances will be transferred to your skin and might seep into your bloodstream.

So, in short, the only difference between poison and venom is that venom is a toxic substance which is injected into your body by someone else and poison is that toxic substance which you by your own touch or inhale by yourself either knowingly or unknowingly.

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