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Hello and welcome today I’ll give u another way to seeing movie genres. But why we need to know this let’s imagine u wanna watch movie on Saturday night which one will u choose its total depends on  your mood right? So this will help u  more to understand about name or title of movies first things first  what movie genres is nothing but the category of movies. So let’s move further by defining elements of genres atmosphere , character , story 
Atmosphere: it means location at where the movie is going to film or location on which the movie is based. For example war movies war films take place remote war pron areas. But Many of  u can ask we seen war movies  in city  areas too ok try to see location they make city they shift local people to some another place and then movie will go ok means they do same thing they  creating war a place to fight . Another is horror movies  it take place in an isolated areas like in outside city house normal but we had seen horror movies that take place in cities but in that they show isolation of that place too like old church in middle of city 
Second element is character
Character: in movie genre if u have observed the character have their goal in horror movies good character fight for their survival in war movies has soldier fighting for survival too but difference is to fight for Honor for country. Now u can ask what about bad character do they have  goals of course they have but it’s depends of hero’s goals on whom our story is about no we make story on bases of hero’s character and goals and to support that goal we make other characters too and their little goals too 
Story: it is based on expectations if a person made sin he / she will suffer in future. Or in super hero movie hero will fight for people. It’s totally our expectations that make movies go on  
So we discussed about elements of movie genres. It’s a common things u will see in all type of movies. Well let’s come back to genres topic what ever we learned about genres element we will use in each genres  OK 
Their are 11 genres ofc u can say it is more. 
But let’s for sake of understanding let’s take 11 of if and I’ll  tell u why 11 later 
So here we go 
1)action ,2) crime, 3) fantasy, 4) horror ,5)life, 6)romance, 7) sci-fi, 8) sports, 9) thriller, 10) war, 11) Western 
We can further divide this genres but mainly we have 11 of them others is creative way to presenting this. How ? Good question answer u will get as we move further 
OK this main genres can be modified by voice, pathway , macro and micro genres. Umm I’m it’s sounds complicated but let me explain u 
Voice : it means by with way our movie is going to present will it be an animation , or musical ? Or will it be black and white, or silent movie ? How much violence,sex, drama etc it will contain 
Pathway: it’s a way by which we enters in story for example a buddy story , road , ocean , twin child , etc etc now we can get creative like what about romantic road love story , or space crime etc  
Macro and micro genres 
Macro genres this category explains atmosphere, character and story of genres defines more details in movie. For example let’s take crime has make macro category detective movie , gangster movie , political crime , superhero movies etc 
These break down further into micro genres for example take super hero movie iron Man for example iron Man 1 it tells us origin of iron Man . More Batman begins it’s origin if super hero. A story where super hero fights it’s own personal battle like in hulk movie. Or a story where a super hero saves the world like fantastic 4 
Action and thriller super genres
Action and thriller both looks same but have difference in how they unfolds the story and how the movie makes audience feel. 
In action good and evil fight for example Punisher. 
Now in thriller we don’t know what’s going on through the movie audience don’t know whom to trust whom to not. Sometimes audience will sacred for protagonist and sometimes feel fear 
Life sure genre 
It’s category in which me experience real life feeling, situations for example let’s take movie called good will hunting we experienced confusion in our mind like actor. Small small drams will go on and audience will experience them 
So this was all we can take any of one from 11 categories and being creative we can use modifiers live voice , pathways , super genres etc to further divide it just a matter of creativity that’s all 

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